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SCI:16篇; SSCI:7篇;本部同仁(第一/通訊作者) :12篇; Impact Factor(>5:2篇; 3~5:4篇)-106.01.24更新

1. Mei-Hung Chi紀美宏, Chih-Yin Hsiao蕭芝殷, Kao-Chin Chen陳高欽, Lan-Ting Lee李嵐婷, Hsin-Chun Tsai蔡幸君, I-Hui Lee李怡慧, Po-See Chen陳柏熹, Yen-Kuang Yang楊延光*: The readmission rate and medical cost of patients with schizophrenia after first hospitalization — a 10-year follow-up population-based study. Schizophrenia Research;170(1):184-190. 2016 Jan (SCI&SSCI) Impact Factor: 3.923

2. Tak Lam Lo*, Matthew Warden, Yanling He, Tianmei Si, Seshadri Kalyanasundaram, Nurmiati Amir MD7, Ahmad Hatim, Tomas Bautista, Cheng Lee, Robin Emsley, Jose Olivares, Yen- Kuang Yang楊延光, Ronnachai Kongsakon, David Castle: Recommendations for the optimal care of patients with recent-onset psychosis in the Asia-Pacific region. Asia-Pacific Psychiatry;8(2):154-171. 2016 Jun (SCI&SSCI) Impact Factor:0.630

3. Chun-Yen Chen, Yi-Wei Yeh, Shin-Chang Kuo, Pei-Shen Ho, Chih-Sung Liang, Che-Hung Yen, Ru-Band Lu陸
汝斌, San-Yuan Huang*: Catechol-O-methyltransferase gene variants may associate with negative symptom response and plasma concentrations of prolactin in schizophrenia after amisulpride treatment. Psychoneuroendocrinology;65:67-75. 2016 Mar (SCI) Impact Factor: 4.944

4.Nicola Veronese, Marco Solmi, Claudio Luchini, Ru-Band Lu陸汝斌, Brendon Stubbs, Leonardo Zaninotto,
Christoph U. Correll*: Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors and memantine in bipolar disorder: A systematic review and best evidence synthesis of the efficacy and safety for multiple disease dimensions. Journal of Affective Disorders;197:268-280. 2016 Jun (SCI&SSCI) Impact Factor:3.570

5. Zhao Rong-Jiang, Lin Shih-Hsien林思賢, Lan-Ting Lee李嵐婷, Lee I- Hui李怡慧, Chen Po-See陳柏熹,
Chen Kao-Chin陳高欽*, Yang Yen-Kuang楊延光: Probing the Serotonin Transporter Availability among Male Cigarette Smokers: A SPECT Study with [123I] ADAM. Journal of Addiction Medicine;10(2):87-90. 2016 Mar-Apr (SCI) Impact Factor:1.756

6. Chih Yin Hsiao蕭芝殷, Hsin-Chun Tsai蔡幸君, Mei-Hung Chi紀美宏, Kao-Chin Chen陳高欽, Po-See
Chen陳柏熹, I-Hui Lee李怡慧*, Tzung-Lieh Yeh葉宗烈, Yen-Kuang Yang楊延光: The association between baseline subjective anxiety rating and changes in cardiac autonomic nervous activity in response to tryptophan depletion in healthy volunteers. Medicine;95(19):e3498~1-e3498~7. 2016 May (SCI) Impact
Factor: 1.206

7. Lulu Jiang, Xuefei Wu, Shuo Wang, Shih-Heng Chen, Hui Zhou, Belinda Wilson, Chun-Yang Jin5, Ru-Band
Lu陸汝斌, Keqin Xie*, Qingshan Wang* and Jau-Shyong Hong: Clozapine metabolites protect
dopaminergic neurons through inhibition of microglial NADPH oxidase. Journal of Neuroinflammation;13(1):110~1-110~14. 2016 May 16 (SCI) Impact Factor: 4.667

8. Tzu-Yun Wang王姿云, Sheng-Yu Lee李聖玉, Shiou-Lan Chen陳秀蘭, Yun-Hsuan Chang張芸瑄,
Liang-Jen Wang, Po-See Chen陳柏熹, Shih-Heng Chen, Chun-Hsien Chu, San-Yuan Huang, Nian-Sheng
Tzeng, Chia-Ling Li, Yi-Lun Chung, Tsai-Hsin Hsieh, I-Hui Lee李怡慧, Kao-Chin Chen陳高欽, Yen- Kuang
Yang楊延光, Jau-Shyong Hong, Ru-Band Lu陸汝斌*: Comparing clinical responses and the biomarkers of
BDNF and cytokines between subthreshold bipolar disorder and bipolar II disorder. Scientific
Reports;6:27431~1-27431~8. 2016 Jun 7 (SCI) Impact Factor: 5.228

9. Tzu-Yun Wang王姿云, Sheng-Yu Lee李聖玉, Yi-Lun Chung, Shiou-Lan Chen陳秀蘭, Chia-Ling Li,
Yun-Hsuan Chang張芸瑄, Liang-Jen Wang, Po-See Chen陳柏熹, Shih-Heng Chen, Chun-Hsien Chu,
San-Yuan Huang, Nian-Sheng Tzeng, Tsai-Hsin Hsieh, I-Hui Lee李怡慧, Kao-Chin Chen陳高欽, Yen-Kuang
Yang楊延光, Jau-Shyong Hong, Ru-Band Lu陸汝斌*: TPH1 and 5-HTTLPR Genes Specifically Interact in
Opiate Dependence but Not in Alcohol Dependence. European Addiction Research;22(4):201-9. 2016 Jun
(SCI&SSCI) Impact Factor: 2.367

10. Ting-Ting Chang, Shiou-Lan Chen陳秀蘭, Yun-Hsuan Chang張芸瑄, Po-See Chen陳柏熹, Chun-Hsien Chu, Shih-Heng Chen, San-Yuan Huang, Nian-Sheng Tzeng, Liang-Jen Wang, Tzu-Yun Wang王姿云, Chia-Ling Li, Yi-Lun Chung, Tsai-Hsin Hsieh, I-Hui Lee李怡慧, Kao-Ching Chen陳高欽, Yen-Kuang Yang楊延光, Jau-Shyong Hong, Ru-Band Lu陸汝斌, Sheng-Yu Lee李聖玉*: The DRD3 Ser9Gly polymorphism predicted metabolic change in drug-naïve patients with bipolar II disorder. Medicine;95(24):e3488~1-e3488~7. 2016 Jun (SCI) Impact Factor: 1.206
11. Chun-Hsien Chu, Shijun Wang, Chia-Ling Li, Shih-Heng Chen, Chih-Fen Hu, Yi-Lun Chung, Shiou-Lan Chen, Qingshan Wang, Ru-Band Lu陸汝斌, Hui-Ming Gao*, Jau-Shyong Hong : Neurons and astroglia govern microglial endotoxin tolerance through macrophage colony-stimulating factor receptor-mediated ERK1/2 signals. Brain, Behavior, and Immunity;55:260-72. 2016 Jul (SCI) Impact Factor: 5.874

12.Edward Chia-Cheng Lai, Cheng-Yang Hsieh, Monera B. Wong, Swu-Jane Lin, Yang-Kuang Yang楊延光,
Yea-Huei Kao Yang*, Soko Setoguchi: Comparative risk of oral ulcerations among antipsychotics users –
population-based retrospective cohort study. Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety;25(2):123-32. 2016
Feb (SCI) Impact Factor: 2.908

13.Chhian Hūi Lêng, Ming Hui Chou, Sheng-Hsiang Lin, Yen-Kuang Yangu楊延光, Jung-Der Wang*: Estimation of life expectancy, loss-of-life expectancy, and lifetime healthcare expenditures for schizophrenia in Taiwan. Schizophrenia Research;171(1-3):97-102. 2016 Mar (SCI&SSCI) Impact Factor: 4.453

14.Wei-Hung Chang張維紘, Wei-Tseng Chen陳薇曾, I-Hui Lee李怡慧, Po-See Chen陳柏熹, Yen-Kuang
Yang楊延光, Kao-Chin Chen陳高欽*: Coexisting anxiety disorders alter associations with physical
disorders in the elderly: A Taiwan cross-sectional nationwide study. Psychiatry and Clinical
Neurosciences;70(5):211-7. 2016 May (SCI) Impact Factor: 2.025

15.Doy-Yung Ma馬代容, Wei-Hung Chang張維紘, Mei-Hung Chi紀美宏, Hsin-Chun Tsai蔡幸君, Yen-Kuang Yang楊延光, Po-See Chen陳柏熹*: The correlation between perceived social support, cortisol and brain derived neurotrophic factor levels in healthy women. Psychiatry Research;239:149-153. 2016 May 30 (SCI&SSCI) Impact Factor: 2.466

16.Chih-Hao Lin, Wei-Hung Chang張維紘, Chen-Long Wu, Shih-Tien Pan, Chih-Hsien Chi: Medical response
to 2016 earthquake in Taiwan. The Lancet; 38(10040):129-130. 2016 Jul (SCI) Impact Factor:

17. Tzu-Yun Wang王姿云, Sheng-Yu Lee李聖玉, Shiou-Lan Chen陳秀蘭, Yi-Lun Chung, Chia-Ling Li,
Yun-Hsuan Chang張芸瑄, Liang-Jen Wang, Po See Chen陳柏熹, Shih-Heng Chen, Chun-Hsien Chu,
San-Yuan Huang, Nian-Sheng Tzeng, Tsai-Hsin Hsieh, Yen-Chu Chiu, I Hui Lee李怡慧, Kao-Chin Chen陳高欽, Yen Kuang Yang楊延光, Jau-Shyong Hong, Ru-Band Lu陸汝斌*: The Differential Levels of Inflammatory
Cytokines and BDNF among Bipolar Spectrum Disorders. International Journal of
Neuropsychopharmacology 2016 Aug 12;19(8):pyw012~1-pyw012~8 (SCI) Impact Factor: 4.333

18. Wei-Hung Chang張維紘, I-Hui Lee李怡慧, Wei-Tseng Chen陳薇曾, Po-See Chen陳柏熹, Yen-Kuang Yang楊延光, Kao-Chin Chen陳高欽*: Risks of Mortality in the Elderly with Anxiety Comorbid with Physical Illness. Taiwanese Journal of Psychiatry (Taipei);30(1):63-72. 2016 Mar
19. Ru-Band Lu陸汝斌*, Chia-Ling Li, Yi-Lun Chung: New Concept of Bipolar Disorders. Journal of Pharmacogenomics & Pharmacoproteomics;7:e152~1-e152-2. 2016 Jun

20. Che-Hung Yen, Mei-Chen Shih, Cheng-Yi Cheng, Kuo-Hsing Ma, Ru-Band Lu陸汝斌, San-Yuan Huang*: Incongruent reduction of dopamine transporter availability in different subgroups of alcohol dependence. Medicine;95(33):e4048~1- e4048~8. 2016 Aug (SCI) Impact Factor:1.206

21. Chien Chou Su, Mei-Hung Chi紀美宏*, Shin-Hsien Lin林思賢, Yen-Kuang Yang楊延光: Bidirectional association between autism spectrum disorder and epilepsy in child and adolescent patients: a population based cohort study. European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry 2016 Sep;25(9):979-987 (SCI&SSCI) Impact Factor: 3.339 PEDIATRICS:12/120

22. Sheng-Yu Lee李聖玉, Tzu-Yun Wang王姿云, Shiou-Lan Chen陳秀蘭, Yun-Hsuan Chang張芸瑄, Po-See Chen陳柏熹, San-Yuan Huang黃三原, Nian-Sheng Tzeng, Liang-Jen Wang, I-Hui Lee李怡慧, Kao-Chin Chen陳高欽, Yen-Kuang Yang楊延光, Yi-Hsin Yang, Ru-Band Lu陸汝斌*, Cheng-Sheng Chen*: The correlation between plasma brain-derived neurotrophic factor and cognitive function in bipolar disorder is modulated by the BDNF Val66Met polymorphism. Scientific Reports;6:37950~1-37950~8. 2016 Dec 1 (SCI) Impact Factor: 5.228

23. Shu-Hui Cheng鄭淑惠, Chih-Ting Lee, Mei-Hung Chi紀美宏, Zih-Jie Sun, Po-See Chen陳柏熹, Yin-Fan Chang, Chin-Bin Yeh, Yen-Kuang Yang楊延光, Yi-Ching Yang楊宜青*: Factors Related to Self-Reported Attention Deficit Among Incoming University Students. Journal of Attention Disorders;20(9):754-762. 2016 Sep (SCI&SSCI) Impact Factor: 3.384

24. Nian-Sheng Tzeng, Chi-Hsiang Chung, Chin-Bin Yeh, Ren-Yeong Huang, Da-Yo Yuh, San-Yuan Huang, Ru-Band Lu陸汝斌, Hsin-An Chang, Yu-Chen Kao, Wei-Shan Chiang, Yu-Ching Chou, Wu-Chien Chien*: Are Chronic Periodontitis and Gingivitis Associated with Dementia? A Nationwide, Retrospective, Matched-Cohort Study in Taiwan. Neuroepidemiology 2016 Nov;47(2):82-93 (SCI) Impact Factor:2.784

25. Ni Chun Hung洪妮君, Shih-Hsien Lin林思賢, Mei-Hung Chi紀美宏, Chien-Ho Lin, Po-See Chen陳柏熹, I-Hui Lee李怡慧, Kao-Chin Chen陳高欽, Yen-Kuang Yang楊延光*: Poor performance of fine motor activity among biological parents of children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Kaohsiung Journal of Medical Sciences 2016 Dec;32(12):630-633 (SCI) Impact Factor:1.000

26. Chih-Yen Wang, Chien-Wen Cheng, Wei-Hua Wang, Po-See Chen陳柏熹, Shun-Fen Tzeng*: Postnatal stress induced by injection with valproate leads to developing emotional disorders along with molecular and cellular changes in the hippocampus and amygdala. Molecular Neurobiology 2016 Dec;53(10):6774-6785 (SCI) Impact Factor:5.397