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1) Neuroimaging
The goal of the neuroimaging group aims at multi-modality neuroimaging (structural and functional MRI, SPECT, PET, EEG, ERP) in schizophrenia, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, substance abuse and ADHD.

2) Neurobiology and Psychopharmacology
The goal of the neurobiology and psychopharmacology group aims to build causal bridges among the molecular, cellular, neural systems, and behavior of neuropsychiatric disorders. We employ integrated multidisciplinary techniques including genetics, cell biology, biochemistry, histology, electrophysiology, imaging and behavioral analysis for elucidating molecular pathophysiology of neuropsychiatric disorder. We have been focused on mood disorders, autism, substance abuse and schizophrenia.

3) Genetic and Epidemiology Research
The genetic and epidemiology group aims to investigate genetic as well as environmental mechanism of psychiatric disorders. A major focus of the studies is exploration of susceptibility genes of the disorders including substance abuse, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, their spectrum disorders and anxiety disorder.

4) Translational Research and Clinical Trials
The translational research and clinical trials group aims to improve diagnosis and treatment, which tailors therapy to individual patients. The group uses neuroimaging, biomarker and pharmacogenomics techniques try to dissect psychiatric disorders into much more precise categories and mapping their progression.