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SCI:31篇; SSCI:1篇;本部同仁(第一/通訊作者) :15篇; Impact Factor(>5: 2篇; >3:3篇)

1.Tieng Ts Hueng, I Hui Lee李怡慧, Yuh Juh Guog, Kao Ching Chen陳高欽, Shu Shin Chen, Shu Ping Chuang, Tzung Lieh Yeh葉宗烈, Yeng Kuang Yang*楊延光: Is a patient-administered depression rating scale valid for detecting cognitive deficits in patients with major depressive disorder. Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences; 65: 70-76. 2011 Feb (SCI) Impact Factor:1.326.
2.Wang Hsuan-Chi, Yeh Tzung-Lieh 葉宗烈, Chang Hui-Hua, Gean Po-Wu, Chi Mei-Hung, Yang Yen-Kuang楊延光, Lu Ru-Band陸汝斌, Chen Po-See*陳柏熹: TPH1 is associated with major depressive disorder but not with SSRI/SNRI response in Taiwanese patients. Psychopharmacology; 213:773-779. 2011 Feb (SCI) Impact Factor:4.103.
3.Tsai Hsiang-Yi, Chen Kao-Chin, Yang Yen- Kuang楊延光, Chen Po-See陳柏熹, Yeh Tzung- Lieh葉宗烈, Chiu Nan-Tsing, Lee I-Hui*李怡慧: Sunshine-exposure variation of human striatal dopamine D2/D3 receptor availability in healthy volunteers.Progress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology and Biological Psychiatry : 35:107-110. 2011 Jan (SCI) Impact Factor:2.823.
4.Lee I-Hui*李怡慧, Yang Yen-Kuang楊延光, Chen Po-See陳柏熹, Huang Hui-Chun黃惠群, Yeh Tzung- Lieh葉宗烈, Lu Ru-Band陸汝斌, Chiu Nan-Tsing, Yao Wei-Jen, Lin Shih-Hsien: Loudness dependence of auditory evoked potentials (LDAEP) correlates with the availability of dopamine transporters and serotonin transporters. Psychopharmacology; 214:617-624. 2011 Apr (SCI) Impact Factor:4.103.
5.Cindy Shan, Sheng-Yu Lee李聖玉, Yun-Hsuan Chang張芸瑄, Jo Yung-Wei Wu, Shiou-Lan Chen, Shih-Heng Chen, Yih-Lynn Hsiao, Hsin-Fen Yang, I. Hui Lee李怡慧, Po See Chen陳柏熹, Tzung Lieh Yeh葉宗烈, Yen Kuang Yang楊延光, Ru-Band Lu*陸汝斌: Neuropsychological functions in Han Chinese patients in Taiwan with bipolar II disorder comorbid and not comorbid with alcohol abuse/alcohol dependence disorder. Progress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology & Biological Psychiatry; 35:131-136. 2011 Jan (SCI) Impact Factor: 2.823
6.Yuxin Liu, Yi-Ching Lo, Li Qian, Fulton Tim Crews, Belinda Wilson, Hui-Ling Chen, Hung-Ming Wu, Shih-Heng Chen, Ke Wei, Ru-Band Lu陸汝斌, Syed Ali, Jau-Shyong Hong*: Verapamil Protects Dopaminergic Neuron Damage through a Novel Anti-inflammatory Mechanism by Inhibition of Microglial Activation. Neuropharmacology; 60(2-3):373-380. 2011 Feb (SCI) Impact Factor: 3.909
7.Chang-Chih Huang, Ru-Band Lu陸汝斌, Mei-Chen Shih, Che-Hung Yen, San-Yuan Huang*黃三原: Association study of the dopamine transporter gene with personality traits and major depressive disorder in the Han Chinese population. Pharmacogenetics and Genomics; 21(2):94-97. 2011 Feb (SCI) Impact Factor: 3.991
8.Kuei-Ying Lin, Chianfang G. Cherng, Fu-Rong Yang, Li-Ching Lin, Ru-Band Lu陸汝斌, Lung Yu*: Memantine abolishes the formation of cocaine-induced conditioned place preference possibly via its IL-6-modulating effect in medial prefrontal cortex. Behavioural Brain Research; 220(1):126-131. 2011 Jun (SCI) Impact Factor: 3.220
9.Pei-Shen Ho, Mei-Chen Shih, Kuo-Hsing Ma, Wen-Sheng Huang, Kellen Kai-Jen Ho, Che-Hung Yen, Ru-Band Lu陸汝斌, SY Huang*: Availability of the serotonin transporter in patients with alcohol dependence. World Journal of Biological Psychiatry; 12(2):134-42. 2011 Mar (SCI) Impact Factor: 5.564
10.Yi-Wei Yeh, Ru-Band Lu陸汝斌, Pao-Luh Tao, Mei-Chen Shih, San-Yuan Huang*黃三原: A possible association of the norepinephrine transporter gene in the development of heroin dependence in Han Chinese. Pharmacogenet and Genomics; 21(4):197-205. 2011 Apr (SCI) Impact Factor: 3.991
11.Po-See Chen陳柏熹, Tzung-Lieh Yeh葉宗烈, I-Hui Lee李怡慧, Cheng-Bill Lin, Hsin-Chun Tsai, Kao-Chin Chen, Nan-Tsing Chiu, Wei-Jen Yao, Yen-Kuang Yang*楊延光, Yuan-Hwa Chou: Effects of C825T polymorphism of the GNB3 gene on availability of dopamine transporter in healthy volunteers-A SPECT study. NeuroImage; 56:1526-1530. 2011 Jun (SCI) Impact Factor: 5.739

12.Ying-Wen Chen , I-Hui Lee李怡慧, Kao-Chin Chen陳高欽, Yun-Hsuan Chang, Yi-Ching Yang, Tzung- Lieh Yeh葉宗烈: Gender Infl uences the Correlation between Body Mass Index and Neuroticism Score in a Community Adult Sample.台灣精神醫學 Taiwanese Journal of Psychiatry; 25(1):13-17.2011 Apr
13.Mei-Hung Chi紀美宏, Sheng-Yu Lee李聖玉, Hui-Hua Chang張惠華, Yen-Kuang Yang楊延光, Eugene Lin, Po-See Chen*陳柏熹: Comparison of Antidepressant Efficacy-related SNPs Among Taiwanese and Four Populations in the HapMap Database. Journal of Formosa Medicine; 110(7):478–482. 2011 Jul (SCI) Impact Factor: 1.125
14.Pei Chun Hsieh謝佩君, Hsiang Yu Huang黃湘瑜, Hsuan Chi Wang王璇璣, Yi Chia Liu劉怡佳, Ya Mei Bai白雅美, Kao Chin Chen陳高欽, Yen Kuang Yang*楊延光: Intercorrelation between the Personal and Social Performance Scale and cognitive functions and activity of daily life. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease; 199(7):513-515. 2011 Jul (SCI) Impact Factor: 1.796
15.Yi-Chia Liu劉怡佳, Kao-Chin Chen陳高欽, Yen-Kuang Yang楊延光, Ya-Ling Chen: Relationship between hemispatial inattention and performance of activties of daily living in patients with schizophrenia. Perceptual and Motor Skills; 112(3):703-710. 2011 Apr (SSCI) Impact Factor: 0.492
16.Sheng-Yu Lee李聖玉, Shiou-Lan Chen, Shih-Heng Chen, San-Yuan Huang黃三原, Nian-Sheng Tzeng, Yun-Hsuan Chang張芸瑄, Chen-Lin Wang, I Hui Lee李怡慧, Tzung Lieh Yeh葉宗烈, Yen Kuang Yang楊延光, Ru Band Lu*陸汝斌: The COMT and DRD3 genes interacted in bipolar I but not bipolar II disorder. The world journal of biological psychiatry; 12:385-391. 2011 Aug (SCI) Impact Factor: 5.564
17.Shih-Hsien Lin, Po See Chen陳柏熹, Tzung Lieh Yeh葉宗烈, Yen Kuang Yang*楊延光: The dopamine hypothesis of social support.Medical Hypotheses; 77(5)753-755. 2011 Nov (SCI) Impact Factor: 1.389
18.Ya-Hsin Hsiao, Po See Chen陳柏熹, Shun-Hua Chen, Po-Wu Gean*簡伯武: The Involvement of Cdk5 Activator p35 in Social Isolation-Triggered Onset of Early Alzheimer's Disease-Related Cognitive Deficit in the Transgenic Mice. Neuropsychopharmacology; 36(9):1848-58. 2011 Aug (SCI) Impact Factor:6.685
19.Nan-Tsing Chiu邱南津, Bi-Fang Lee李碧芳, Tzung Lieh Yeh葉宗烈, Po See Chen陳柏熹, I Hui Lee李怡慧, Kao Chin Chen陳高欽, Yen Kuang Yang*楊延光: Relationship between striatal dopamine transporter availability and sleep quality in healthy adults. Moluecular Imaging & Biology; 13(6):1267-71. 2011 Dec (SCI) Impact Factor:3.139
20.Hsin-I Wu, Yun-Hsuan Chang, Chun-Chieh Lai, Jo Yung-Wei Wu, Shiou-Lan Chen, Chun-Hsien Chu, I Hui Lee李怡慧, Tzung Lieh Yeh葉宗烈, Niao-Sheng Tzeng, San-Yuan Huang, Yen Kuang Yang楊延光, Ru-Band Lu陸汝斌*: The effect of comorbid anxiety disorder on neuropsychological function in bipolar II disorder. Progress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology and Biological Psychiatry;35(8):1841-5. 2011 Dec 1 (SCI) Impact Factor:2.877
21. Chen CY, Huang SY*, Ru-Band Lu陸汝斌, Yeh YW, Shih MC:Association study of catechol-O-methyltransferase gene polymorphisms with schizophrenia and psychopathological symptoms in Han Chinese.Genes, Brain and Behavior;10(3):316-324. 2011 Apr(SCI) Impact Factor:4.016
22.Li Qian, Hung-ming Wu, Shih-Heng Chen, Dan Zhang, Syed F. Ali, Lynda Peterson, Belinda Wilson, Ru-Band Lu陸汝斌, Jan-Shyong Hong, Patrick M. Flood*:β2-Adrenergic Receptor Activation Prevents Rodent Dopaminergic Neurotoxicity by Inhibiting Microglia via a Novel Signaling Pathway. Journal of Immunology; 186(7):4443-54. 2011 Apr (SCI) Impact Factor:5.745
23.Thomas Richardson*, Ru-Band Lu陸汝斌: Clinical symptoms and neurocognitive performance: potential impact of substance use. Bipolar Disorders; 13(4):433-4. 2011 Jun (SCI) Impact Factor:5.221
24.Shiou-Lan Chen, Kuei-Ying Hsu, Eqgle Yi-Kuang, Ru-Band Lu陸汝斌, Pao-Luh Tao*: Low doses of dextromethorphan attenuate morphine-induced rewarding via the sigma-1 receptor at ventral tegmental area in rats. Drug and Alcohol Dependence; 117(2-3):164-9. 2011 Sep (SCI) Impact Factor:3.365
25.Ting Gang Chang, I-Hui Lee李怡慧, Cheng-Chen Chang, Yen-Kuang Yang楊延光, Si Sheng Huang, Kao- Chin Chen *陳高欽, Chieh Hui Wang, Yun-Hsuan Chang張芸瑄: Poorer Wisconsin card-sorting test performance in healthy adults with higher positive and negative schizotypal traits. Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences; 65(6):596-599. 2011 Oct (SCI) Impact Factor:1.559
26.Yu-Shian Chang成毓賢, Kao-Chin Chen陳高欽, Yen-Kuang Yang楊延光, Po-See Chen陳柏熹, Tzung-Lieh Yeh葉宗烈, I-Hui Lee*李怡慧, Yun-Hsuan Chang, Mei-Hsiu Lian: No seasonal variation in human midbrain serotonin transporter availability in Tawan.Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging; 194:396-399.2011 Dec (SCI) Impact Factor:2.064
27.Tzu-I Lee李姿誼, I-Hui Lee,李怡慧 An-Bang Wu, Yen-Kuang Yang楊延光: Severe Acidosis Followed By Withdrawal Delirium and Dystonia-Like Movement after Clozapine Overdose.台灣精神醫學 Taiwanese Journal of Psychiatry; 25(4):279-282.2011 Dec
28.Ting-Gang Chang, Wen-Yu Hsu, Yen-Kuang Yang楊延光, Jui-Ting Liu*: Pseudo-paraplegia: a chronic psychotic sequela of organophosphate exposure in schizophrenia. Acta Neuropsychiatrica; 23(5):257-258. 2011 Oct (SCI) Impact Factor:0.529
29.Yuan-Yun Hsueh, Po-See Chen陳柏熹, Shih-Hsien Lin林思賢, Tzung-Lieh Yeh葉宗烈, Yen-Kuang Yang楊延光:The Association between Social Support and Cognitive Function.北市醫學雜誌 Taipei City Medical Journal; 8(4):259-269. 2011 Dec
30.Liang-Jen WANG, Chih-Ken CHEN, Shih-Chieh HSU, Sheng-Yu LEE李聖玉, Chin-Sheng WANG, Wan-Yu YEH: Active job, healthy job? Occupational stress and depression among hospital physicians in Taiwan. Industrial Health;49(2):173-184. 2011 Mar (SCI) Impact Factor:0.950
31.Chien-Ho Lin, Shih-Hsien Lin林思賢, Fong-Lin Jang*: Adjunctive Low-Dose Aripiprazole With Standard-Dose Sertraline in Treating Fresh Major Depressive Disorder A Randomized, Double-Blind, Controlled Study. Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology;31(5):563-568. 2011 Oct (SCI) Impact Factor:4.857
32.Tsai-Chung Li, Yih-Dar Lee李毅達, Chiu-Shong Liu, Ching-Chu Chen, Chia-Ing Li, Cheng-Chieh Lin: Disease-specific quality-of-life measures as predictors of mortality in individuals living with type 2 diabetes. Journal of Psychosomatic Research;70(2):155-160. 2011 Feb (SCI) Impact Factor:2.842
33.Cheng-Chieh Lin, Chia-Ing Li, Chiu-Kai Chang, Chiu-Shong Liu, Chih-Hsueh Lin, Nai-Hsin Meng Yih-Dar Lee李毅達, Fei-Na Chen, Tsai-Chung Li: Reduced Health-Related Quality of Life in Elders with Frailty: A Cross-Sectional Study of Community-Dwelling Elders in Taiwan. PLoS One;6(7):e21841. 2011 Jul (SCI) Impact Factor:4.411
34.Chia-Ing Li, Sharon LR Kardia, Chiu-Shong Liu, Wen-Yuan Lin, Chih-Hsueh Lin, Yi-Dar Lee李毅達,Fung-Chang Sung, Tsai-Chung Li*, Cheng-Chieh Lin: Metabolic syndrome is associated with change in subclinical arterial stiffness - A community-based Taichung Community Health Study. BMC Public Health;11:808. 2011 Oct (SCI) Impact Factor:2.364
35.Hui-Ching Lin, Yu-Chou Tseng, Sheng-Chun Mao, Po-See Chen陳柏熹, Po-Wu Gean簡伯武*: GABAA Receptor Endocytosis in the Basolateral Amygdala Is Critical to the Reinstatement of Fear Memory Measured by Fear-Potentiated Startle. The Journal of Neuroscience;31(24):8851-8861. 2011 Jun (SCI) Impact Factor:7.115